SPW Officers, 2014-2015

Ruth Towne


Ruth TowneI'm a professional writing major from North Berwick, in Southern Maine with minors in honors and creative writing. A thrower on Cedarville’s varsity Track and Field team, I enjoy many sports and outdoor activities including running and biking. In my spare time, I often explore the Cedarville area with my friends, read the works of Dostoyevsky or T. S. Eliot, and drink lots of coffee or tea. I also love the beautiful New England coastline, fall foliage, and woodlands, although such landscapes are not popular in Ohio. I'd love to explore the world of professional writing with you!

Hannah Wagner

Vice President

Hannah WagnerMy name is Hannah Wagner, and I am a professional writing and information designer. Although I am a SoCal native at heart, I currently attend Cedarville University, where I also play on the varsity volleyball team. My time at Cedarville, spent both on the court and in the classroom, has made me a more teachable, self-motivated, and disciplined individual. The professional writing program has specifically shaped my writing and design capabilities as I learn the technical, rhetorical, and creative aspects to both writing and designing. My dad is an author and journalist as well, so he gets some credit here too (at least genetically). As much as I enjoy sitting behind the computer all day, I do enjoy classic movies, comfy sweatshirts, and a good burger now and then.

Maya Palmisciano


Maya PalmiscianoI'm a junior Professional Writing major with a Spanish minor. New England born and raised, I come from a small town in Rhode Island. I obviously love to write, but outside of that, I enjoy playing my clarinet, eating Oreos, playing wallyball, taking naps, and just spending time with friends. Most importantly (aside from my love for my Savior, of course), I absolutely adore hugs, and I will almost never turn away an opportunity for one!

Lindsey Cymbalak

Hospitality Coordinator

Shannon EighmeyI'm a junior Professional Writing and Information Design major from Madison area, Wisconsin. I've loved writing from a young age, and the program here at Cedarville has been a perfect fit for my skills and interests. In my free time, I enjoy creative writing, studying languages, traveling, reading classic literature, singing, playing the piano, and pretty much anything related to the arts. I am also a self-proclaimed Netflix aficionado.

Shannon Eighmey

Social Media Specialist

Shannon EighmeyI'm a senior Professional Writing major from Grand Rapids, Michigan. I love music more than the average person and still have dreams of being Hayley Williams of Paramore from time to time. Outside of school, I spend my time longboarding, hiking, going to concerts, or playing the Gamecube version of Super Smash Bros. with friends. Currently, I'm looking to find a job in Columbus, Ohio to stay close to my friends after graduation.

Eli Pyles


Eli PylesI'm a senior Professional Writing major and have lived in Cedarville my whole life. I'm the youngest of six siblings, all of whom attended Cedarville at one time or another. I enjoy reading a wide variety of books, and I love to write, both creatively and technically. I also enjoy playing a number of sports, including basketball, volleyball, and ultimate frisbee, and most of all, I like to run. The Professional Writing Program has been one of the strongest communities I've ever experienced, and I'm thankful that I've had the chance to be a part of such a great program.

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