Associate Professor of Economics, Cedarville University
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Fields of Specialization
Courses Taught


Ph.D., University of Tennessee, 1985
MA, University of Tennessee, 1984
BS, University of Tennessee, 1981
Further study at Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary, 1985-1986

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Fields of Specialization:

International Trade
Economic Development

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Courses Taught:


Principles of Microeconomics (graduate and undergraduate level with undergraduate level also taught in a video format)
Principles of Macroeconomics (graduate and undergraduate level with undergraduate level also taught in a video format)
Intermediate Microeconomic Theory (Price Theory)
Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory
Economic Development and Political Economy
International Economics
Comparative Economic Systems
Money and Banking
Managerial Economics (both graduate and undergraduate levels)
Macroeconomic Theory (at the graduate level)
Applied Microeconomics (at the graduate level)
Political Economy (graduate class dealing with development of Christian world view pertaining to economics and business)


Business Seminar (an applied ethics and social responsibility course at the senior level)
Introduction to Business
Introduction to Statistics
Introduction to Computers
Business Math
Principles of Management

Related Subjects

Math Survey I
Math Survey II
Engineering Economy

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Federal Deposit Insurance: A Regrettable Necessity or an Antiquated Scapegoat?" in Christian Perspectives on Economics, from a conference co-sponsored by The Center for Business and Government at Liberty University and The Contemporary Economics and Business Association, 1989.

Economics chapter in Opening of the American Mind, Baker Book House, 1991.

"Hog in the Hollow: Clintonomics at a Glance," The Christian Economist, Spring 1993, pp. 12-16.

“On the Road to Berea: A Response to Richard C. Chewning's 'Biblical Orthodoxy Requires the S.N.A.P. of Scriptures’,” The Journal of Biblical Integration and Business Fall 1998, pp. 97-102.

"The Nature and Purpose of Work and Productivity” with Galen Smith,  The Journal of Biblical Integration and Business, Fall 1999.

"In Spring a Young Man's Fancy Turns to . . . Taxes!"  Presentation to Men in the Marketplace, March 7, 2000.

"The Biblical Basis for Distinguishing Between Capitalism and Socialism" Presentation to Men in the Marketplace, April 4, 2000.

"The Nature and Purpose of Work and Productivity” with Galen Smith, Fall 1999 Business Department Colloquium.

Book Review: Political-Economic Activity to the Honour of God, John Boersema.  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada: Premier Publishing, 1999, in The Journal of Biblical Integration and Business, fall 2000.

“Using an Ethics Simulation to Teach Ethics Paradigms”, Authentic Learning and Simulations for Business Curricula: A Workshop Sponsored by the OFIC/Ameritech Faculty Development Program July 11-12, 2001.

“Using Shockwave Flash to Teach Macroeconomics”, The Convergence of Learning & Technology – Windows on the Future: Ohio Learning Network March 3, 2003.

“On-line discussions”, Technology: Trends in Instruction – Best Practices: SOCHE Conference, February 20, 2003.


I am married to the former Mary Ann Adams from Knoxville Tennessee.  She home schools two of our three children and works part time for the village of Cedarville as the collection clerk.  She is a very a talented musician blessed with a beautiful voice which she uses to the glory of God singing in our church choir and with a band that plays primarily Christian oriented music with a bluegrass style.

I have three children Josh (15 years old), Jessica (13 years old), and Joey (9 years old).  Josh is in the nineth grade at Cedarcliff School, plays soccer and is a musician.  He plays the french horn in the schools band and various guitars.  Jessica is home schooled by her Mom and is a ballerina taking classes at Pontecorvo Ballet Studios and has performed with Ballet de Jeunesse (a pre-proffessional company) and at our church.  Joey enjoys sports of all kinds.  He is an active nine year old.

My family initially joined Emmanuel Baptist Church upon our arrival to this area in 1992.  At Emmanuel I substitute taught on occasion and filled the pulpit several times.  My wife and I changed membership from Emmanuel Baptist Church to Grace Baptist Church in December 1995.  We believed it appropriate become members of the baptistic church in our local community.  Since joining Grace I have led a small-group discussion on Wednesday evening, served as an usher, substitute taught my Sunday School class, and been on a teaching committee for the class.  I am currently the lead teacher for the Home Builders Sunday School class and serve as a deacon.

Prior to moving to Ohio I had previously taught several college age Sunday School classes, supplied the pulpit in approximately 25 churches, engaged in "street ministry" in Memphis, preached regularly at a rescue mission, worked with inmates at the jail in West Memphis Arkansas, been actively involved in Evangelism Explosion, taught Navigators 2:7 classes, served on a finance committee, and served as an usher.

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