Liberia Media 2007

[At Bomi Lake]At Bomi Lake

[At Bomi Lake]Gibraltar

[At Bomi Lake]The Beach across from the guesthouse

[At Bomi Lake]Team Surveyors

[At Bomi Lake]Water Pressure Testing

[At Bomi Lake]Departing for Zimi Dondai Town

[At Bomi Lake]Medical Waste Incinerator

[At Bomi Lake]Oldest Church in Liberia

[At Bomi Lake]Corn Drying in Liberian Village

[At Bomi Lake]People of Kamada Town

[At Bomi Lake]Mound for Making Charcoal

[At Bomi Lake]Kids at Zelekai Village

Singing at Zelekai

Announcement Letter

Mid-trip report

Report Letter

I may keep adding to this in the future--there is a lot to sort through!