Sam L. SanGregory, Ph.D.

Professor of Electrical Engineering
Assistant Chair, Department of Engineering and Compute Science


I earned my Ph.D. from The Air Force Institute of Technology under a Dayton Area Graduate Studies Institute (DAGSI) scholarship. My area of specialty was Digital Signal Processing Computer Architectures, in which I studied the hardware (VLSI)implementations of signal processing algorithms.  My dissertation, "Approximation and Optimization of an Auditory Model for Realization in VLSI Hardware"  sought to design an applications specific integrated circuit which would directly implement the DSP algorithms used in The Auditory Image Model.

From this research I presented a paper at the 42nd Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems in Las Cruces, NM in August 1999. The paper, which received the " 1999 Myril B. Reed Best Paper Award was titled "A Fast, Low-Power Logarithm Approximation with CMOS VLSI Implementation."  This paper can be found in the proceedings of this conference.

I also earned my MS in Computer Engineering from The Air Force Institute of Technology(AFIT) in 1992. My thesis title was: "A Single-Chip 2Kx8-Bit Pipelined Digital RF Memory Using 2um CMOS VLSI Technology". I presented a portion of this work at the 6th Annual IEEE International ASIC Conference and Exhibit" in Rochester, NY in 1993. The paper titled "A 2K x 8-bit Single-Chip Digital Radio Frequency Memory" appears in the proceedings of this conference.

I earned a BS in Engineering (BSE) with the Electrical Option from Wright State University Dayton, Ohio in 1988. 


I was Born and raised in Bellevue, Ohio. I enlisted in the US Air Force and served as a Flight Simulator Computer Technician (F4E), before earning my undergraduate degree and receiving a commission as an Air Force officer. I then served as a laser systems engineer.  I have been on the faculty here at Cedarville University since January of 1993.  I served as the chairman of the department of engineering and computer science from 2006 to 2013.  I am currently the assistant to the chair of the department and the curriculum coordinator for the Electrical Engineering program.   I have done adjunct teaching for both The Air Force Institute of Technology and Wright State University.  

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A Christmas Poem

Here is a Christmas poem that I wrote (with some input from my wife and daughters) in the late 1990s. Feel free to use and share it as you see fit. If you publish it, all I ask is that you leave my name attached to the work.   The Years Before Christmas

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