Heather Grace Kuruvilla

Professor of Biology, Cedarville University

At Cedarville since 1997


Office: ENS 273

Phone: (937) 766-7606


Research Interests

My research is on the action of chemorepellents in Tetrahymena. I am interested in determining the mechanisms by which Tetrahymena avoid repellents, as well as in discovering new repellents.The repellents that we have partially characterized to date include lysozyme/PACAP, ATP, and GTP.We have found that ATP and PACAP use a G-protein coupled pathway, while GTP uses a tyrosine kinase pathway.

To see Tetrahymena as well as many other protozoans, click on the following protozoan images.

Interesting Web Sites:

Cells Alive!


BIO 4210--Advanced Cell Biology (Fall)
BIO 2250--
Cell Biology (Spring)
BIO 4220--Signal Transduction (summer, online)

BIO 4350--Immunology (Fall)

BIO 3800óBiological Research (Fall, Spring)


Do you want to do undergraduate research in biology and earn some $$$ over the summer?Google SURP (Summer Undergraduate Research Program) biology, or search at a university near your hometown. You can get credit for BIO 3810, experience, and pizza money all ath the same time.

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